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On A Massive Scale

What We Do

Whether it’s video or across a range of channels, Appic Media knows how to deliver the users at scale that marketers need via campaigns optimized according to location, behavior, device, OS, creative type, demographics, etc.

For publishers seeking to monetize their traffic, Appic Media provides a range of advertising solutions to maximize revenue while creating a positive user experience.

Efficient and Transparent Work Flow

Appic Media


Examine the advertiser's performance objectives and set campaign and acquisition goals

Appic Media


Test campaign on a range of media channels, including our in-house publisher network, while monitoring budget spend

Appic Media


Following an initial quality assessment, identify the top converting publishers and media channels with the best performing traffic

Appic Media

Scale Up

Increase traffic and spend from the top converting publishers and media channels while monitoring KPIs

Our Channels

If it’s desktop or mobile, tablets, game consoles or set top boxes, Appic Media programmatic team has experience buying programmatically either directly from publishers OR via all of the programmatic   exchanges according to customized media plans tailored to meet your campaign KPIs at scale.


Always on, near us and connected mobile devices have revolutionized marketing as we know it. Since our founding in 2009, Appic Media’ has been mobile first, and based on experience  running 1000s of mobile campaigns, our mobile teams know how to identify the best, most effective channels and media to achieve your campaign KPIs.


Across devices, video is one of the fastest growing marketing media, enabling advertisers to emotionally engage with their prospects. Appic Media’ video team has relationships with the publishers and platforms that   can provide you with access to quality users at scale. We will optimize your video campaign according to your KPIs and in line with your other media / platforms to achieve total campaign ROI goals and performance results.

Social & Search

As a certified Facebook and Google partner, Appic Media’ team brings experience from hundreds of campaigns across all social and search platforms, to run creative, optimized campaigns which achieve your KPIs.   We’re able to help you integrate We’re able to help you integrate your CRM data and re-engage your users, ensuring that your social and search efforts are fully integrated with the rest of your marketing campaign.


Some of our most best performing campaigns have relied on display advertising to achieve our goals because display provides a great ROI and enables you to reach your KPIs. Appic Media’ display team knows how to find the right display opportunities in the right markets to optimize your campaign performance. We work directly our publishers, managing their traffic, and also work with direct advertisers.   how to find the right display opportunities in the right markets to optimize your campaign performance. We work directly our publishers, managing their traffic, and also work with direct advertisers.

Machine Learning

At Appic Media, data is the gas that powers our creative to perform. Based on proprietary machine learning and tracking technology developed in our San Francisco   office, we’re able to automatically optimize campaign performance in real-time. The insights gleaned from the data via our technology provide our account teams with the knowledge to make smarter marketing decisions, which are then automatically optimized via our machine learning algorithms.

Appic Media CPI Approach
Appic Media 1. Start

We build your core followers

Appic Media 2. Scale

We skyrocket your user base with the highest user value

Appic Media 3. Engage & Optimize

We optimize for highest possible LTV

Machine Learning Technology

Changing the game

Connected to +42,000 unique supply partners worldwide


Appic Media

Machine Learning

Machine learning optimization algorithms in partnership with Microsoft Azure

Appic Media


DATA-Driven KPI Based Analysis: Integrate post-install events and other relevant KPI data to increase  overall.control and performance on your campaigns

Appic Media

Diverse Media Mix

We offer full-service user acquisition services across multiple channels, devices & ad formats. The result is unparalleled   retention and engagement on new users across a variety of touchpoints.

Appic Media

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection: Fierce fraud detection systems in place including a dedicated monitoring team